Auto Repair Services in High Point, NC

Auto Repair Services

For Auto Repair Services in High Point, NC That You Can Count On, Turn to Our Experts!

When you need auto repair services in High Point, NC, come to Newton’s Car Care! From bad batteries to axle repair, our ASE-certified mechanics can handle just about any repair. Call us today at 336-431-1516 and we’ll get you back on the road in no time.

We’re A Full-Service Auto Shop!

Not sure why your check engine light is on? Is your electrical system on the fritz? Our skilled automotive technicians repair all types of problems on all types of cars. We handle domestic and imports, and always strive for your complete satisfaction. As an Official NAPA AutoCare Center, you can rest easy knowing your car will be expertly cared for. Whether you need a quick oil change or a major repair, give us a call! We repair and service nearly everything, including:

  • Anti Lock Brakes ABS A majority of modern vehicles are equipped with an anti lock brake system (ABS). This system is a great safety feature for all types of vehicles.
  • AC Repair When those temperatures begin to rise, make sure that you’re able to be comfortable while you commute from point A to point B in your vehicle.
  • Alignment Stay safe and keep your car on the road at all times with proper wheel alignment.
  • Alternator Repair We’ll troubleshoot that faulty alternator for you and determine whether you need just a repair or a full replacement.
  • Axle and Drive Shaft Our specialists provide comprehensive services to axles and drive shafts on all types of vehicles. Contact us today!
  • Brake Fluid Flush When it comes time to replace all that nasty brake fluid in your vehicle’s system, we’re able to provide you with complete flush and replenish it with clean fluid.
  • Brake Lines Damaged brake lines are no laughing matter.  If you suspect that your brake lines are damaged in any way, come see us ASAP!
  • Brake Repair If you’ve noticed a squealing or grinding sound every time you bring your vehicle to a stop, you may be in need of a brake repair.
  • Catalytic Converter Repair Catalytic converter repairs take a specialized mechanic. Luckily, our pros have the experience and knowledge to restore it to its original functionality.
  • Check Engine Light If you see that check engine light come on your dashboard, don’t ignore it.  Bring in your vehicle and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on.
  • Coolant Flush Service Keep your car’s radiator in good condition by having coolant flush services done on a regular basis.
  • CV Joint Don’t let an amateur handle replacing your CV joint. Leave that task to the experts at Newton’s Car Care.
  • Differential After hitting a certain speed, do you notice a howling or whirring sound? If so, having your differential inspected may be a good idea.
  • Drivetrain The drivetrain in your vehicle is a system that can NOT wait to be repaired.  So when you run into an issue with your drivetrain, call us immediately.
  • EGR Valve Bring in your vehicle today to have your EGR valve restored to its former glory.
  • Electrical System When your vehicle’s electrical system is out of wack, your entire car is useless. Bring it into us and we’ll have you back up and running in no time.
  • Exhaust Systems Bring your car into our experts for immediate exhaust system repair or replacement.
  • Front End Repair You don’t have to continue to deal with that shaky front end. Let our specialist take a look and we’ll have it running like new.
  • Fuel Pump If your fuel pump is failing you, the technicians at Newton’s Car Care are able to go in, diagnose the problem, and have it working better than before.
  • Head Gasket Keep a cool head when you’ve blown a head gasket by coming into our shop today!
  • Headlight and Tail Light Repair A broken head light or tail light makes for an automatic ticket during a traffic stop.  Make sure you this isn’t something you need to be worried about by coming to see us today!
  • Ignition Coil Poor fuel economy or a misfiring engine are both signs that you may be in need of a new ignition coil.
  • Import Auto Parts Newton’s Car Care is the best option for imported auto parts in all of High Point, NC.
  • O2 Sensor Without a fully functioning O2 sensor you’re putting your vehicle’s exhaust system at risk of failure.
  • Oil Change Having your oil changed is one of those regular maintenance tasks that ensures that your engine remains in good shape.
  • PCV Valve If your PCV valve is having issues, it can end up causing a domino effect if not addressed immediately.
  • Radiator Repair Make sure that your engine doesn’t overheat by having your vehicle’s radiator system serviced on a regular basis.
  • Serpentine Belt With a broken serpentine belt, your vehicle isn’t able to run at all and you’re ultimately left with a lemon.  Contact us for a speedy repair today!
  • Small Engine Repair You can trust our auto pros to have your small engine running better than ever!
  • Suspension If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is sitting lower than normal, it may be time to bring it into our shop for an inspection.
  • Thermostat A malfunctioning thermostat runs the potential of overheating which can end up spelling major trouble for your engine.
  • Timing Belt Service When your engine won’t turn over or emits a ticking sound, you may be facing problems with your timing belt.
  • Transmission Repair Transmission repairs can’t be done by just anyone.  Leave it to our experts.
  • Tune Up Service Schedule your vehicle for a tune up to ensure that everything is running as it should.
  • Water Pump A damaged water pump means potentially risking engine failure.  Come in today to have our experts remedy the situation before it becomes worse.
  • Window Regulator If that one window in your car is giving you trouble, be sure to let out pros take a look at it. We’ll diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you in no time.

Expert Repairs At Affordable Prices

Car trouble is no fun, and some repairs can be a major headache, not to mention the expense! At Newton’s Car Care, we work hard to provide you with top quality repairs at affordable, honest prices. We even offer coupons and special discounts throughout the year so you never have to stress over auto repair. You can also rest assured in our quality; we are an Official NAPA AutoCare Center, with guaranteed services and repairs.

Since 1982, Newton’s Car Care has provided comprehensive auto repair to the people of High Point, NC. Let our family owned and operated business take care of you today. Whether you’re a local, a student, or just passing through town, we’re happy to serve you! Our team of certified mechanics will carefully inspect and diagnose your vehicle and let you know your options. We will never try to sell you something you don’t need and won’t pressure you into repairs.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 336-431-1516 for fast, reliable auto repair in High Point, NC!