newtons car car always gives me fast and friendly service and response.iv been using their service for over 5 years and would recommend them again.


greg and his family are good people with a professional attitude. i take the companys work van up there every time it needs to be serviced. ever since i seen how well they do things up there they will surely be the people i take my truck too when there is a problem that i can't handle


Newton's Car Care was great when my 2007 Explorers wheel barring went out. They diagnosed the problem, called with the estimate and had my vehicle back on the road by noon! I will definitely come back for my automotive needs! Thanks!


I absolutely trust the owner of this shop - Perry. I've used him for a few years, and I know half a dozen others who do as well. I've done work on my own cars, and I've seen situations where I thought I needed something done, and he talked me out of it. His prices are very reasonable, and he often doesn't charge for small things. A clutch job he did for me was 20% less than another independent shop quoted me, using the same parts. He hasn't surcharged me when I've brought in my own parts.This is not a clean, crisp shop. Waiting room is a little dirty, and overall the shop isn't neat or clean. I couldn't care less, but if you go to a mechanic for aesthetic reasons, you'll want to find a different place.


I went in for a inspection before they had even said anything to me they started making calls about tires I new it was for my truck since they had no other cars on the lot or in the bay, A older women came in and jumped into my conversation and then started spouting off I said that I was not going to pay for tires from them I would get my own if needed she got mad and keep running the mouth and when I said something back first thing she said I will call the police I said do it I have not done anything she said I am the owner I said I don't care what you own took my truck and left would not recommend this place to anyone the Man at the counter was nice the only good thing I can say about this place......................................

Hi, I am Greg Newton, Service manager and I was the "nice man" at the counter during this unfortunate event. As a licensed NC state inspection station we are required by law to notify a consumer if their vehicle will not pass inspection. In this case this lady's tires would not pass. I simply checked the price of a tire for her, nothing else. I do not push sales on people. She became very rude and proceeded to use verbally abusive language towards my mother who is 63 years old. At that point I told her to leave or we would call the police. I did not even charge her .01 cents for our time. Just wanted to clear that up since their are always 2 sides to every story.

- Newton's Car Care

I have been taking our families cars to Newton's Car Care for over 10 years and have always been treated well. They take the time to make sure that the car is repaired right and even give us loaner vehicles or rides to work if we need them. They are honest and professional auto shop and it shows in their work. I would recommend them to anyone.

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