4 Benefits of a Tune-Up

Why Have a Tune-Up Performed?

Sometimes it is hard to know as a vehicle owner what is truly important for vehicle maintenance. With some companies out there trying to sell you the moon and the stars, it is easy to become cynical about car maintenance. However, vehicle tune-ups are an extremely important part of car maintenance. If you have ever wondered why you should have a tune-up performed, check out these four benefits of vehicle tune-ups.

#1: Old Reliable

First and foremost, having a tune-up performed on your vehicle can save you the headache of being stranded on the side of a road. When routine maintenance is performed properly on your car, you reduce the risk of roadside breakdowns. No matter what the age of your car is, tune-ups aid in long term reliability.

#2: End Your Fuel Pump Woes

Do you find that you are not getting the miles per gallon your vehicle should? A tune-up is one of the best ways to increase your fuel efficiency. Something as simple as a dirty air filter can cost you up to 20% of your fuel efficiency! Having a tune-up performed will ensure your car is running at its prime.

#3: Increase Your Value

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, a buyer will be more likely to purchaseyour car if you have detailed records of routine maintenance performed. By taking yourcar in for frequent tune-ups you will increase the resale value of your vehicle.Remember to save receipts and proof of work done.

#4: Emission Reduction

No one wants to pollute the environment, but a car that hasn’t been maintained properly will emit more emissions into the environment.By having a tune-up performed you can reduce the amount of emissions and pollutants your car produces.

If you are ready for a tune-up come see us at Newton’s Car Care. We will be happy to help you keep your car in tip top shape.


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