4 Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Check Engine Light
These Are Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On.

Our car engine light is a great way to remind us to have our cars checked. While it might seem like a huge deal for your light engine to come on, it is no reason to panic. As long as you have your car inspected when your light comes on, you should be fine. But what exactly are the reasons our check engine light comes on? Knowing some common signs will give you better peace of mind. Here are four common reasons your check engine light is on.

Loose or Damaged Gas Cap

Our gas gaps ensure that our gas stays in our fuel systems and is a great way to prevent gas fumes from polluting our air. It is one of the common reasons you check engine light is on but can be easily fixed by a professional automotive technician.

Damaged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter in our cars turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, so we are able to protect the environment. Without it, the car won’t continue to run properly.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

The oxygen sensor monitors the unburned oxygen from our car’s exhaust. When they become damaged they can cause problems for your spark plugs and cause your engine to burn more fuel than it should. It is one of the common reasons your check engine light is on.

Spark Plug and Wire Replacement

The spark plugs and wire are fundamental in getting your car started. With damaged spark plugs and wires, you will get a decrease in fuel economy and low power to your car.

If you aren’t sure your check engine light is working properly, call for check engine light diagnostics from Newton’s Car Care in High Point NC.


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