4 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Tune Up
If Your Car Needs A Tune Up, Bring Them To Newton’s Car Care!

When want to ensure that our cars are always in the best condition in order to have them for a long time. Unfortunately, there will be times when our cars will have something wrong with them and will be in need of a tune up. But when exactly does a car need to go in for a tune up services? Below are five signs your car needs a tune up.

Engine Light

The biggest way to tell if your car needs a tune up is when the engine light comes on. Either something is wrong with the catalyticconverter or another engine problem, but no matter what, it should be addressed immediately.


Whether your car is leaking a greenish substance or a brown substance, it is worth taking to a mechanic to diagnose the problem. Leaking is never a good sign, so having it repaired as soon as you notice will ensure your car stays in good shape.

Fuel Mileage

Another big sign that your car needs a tune up is the decrease in fuel mileage. Usually, we know how much gas it takes to fill up our car, but recently you are getting gas more often than before. Getting your car serviced can locate the problem.


Are your wheels making noise as you drive? Are you hearing any grinding noises? If you answered yes to any or both of these questions, it’s a good idea to take your car in for a tune up.

If you need tune up service in High Point, NC. call the experts at Newton’s Car Care today..


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