Preparing your Vehicle for Summer

Summertime can cause a multitude of problems for your vehicle. Heat, dust and traffic during summer can cause your car to start to break down especially if you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance Here are some tips on how you can prevent vehicle problems during summer.

Check your Tires

You need to at least check your tire pressures once a month. Rising temperature during the summer can drastically change your tire’s pressure. Low or under inflated tires can go flat or blow out with enough heat and pressure. Over inflated tires make less contact with the surface and can pose a problem in wet conditions. Also make sure your spare tire is in good shape and properly inflated should you need to put it on.

Change your Oil and Filters

Oil is very important for your vehicle’s engine. Oil keeps your engine running smooth and clean. During summer your engine can start to overheat and shut down if you don’t have new oil. Change your car’s oil every 5,000 miles or every three months.

Check your Coolant

Coolants are important for keeping your engine and car temperature down. If your car runs too hot it can cause damage to damage to your engine by fusing or melting parts together. Check your cooling systems levels and add coolant if the levels are low.

Newtown’s Car Care can help tune,maintain and repair your vehicle during the summer months.


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