Signs of Suspension Problems

Your suspension is much more important than just maintaining a smooth ride; it’s integral when controlling your vehicle, especially stopping or turning. Not all signs of suspension damage are obvious. Here’s what to look out for:

Rough Riding:

This one is obvious; the rougher your car ride the worse your suspension is doing. If going over bumps makes your car bounce up and down, it’s time to take it in.

Drifting/Pulling During Turns:

If your vehicles drifts or pulls during each turn, it’s a good sign that your suspension is not keeping your car stable from the centrifugal force of your turn. This can dangerously increase the risk of your car rolling over.

Front End Dips When Stopping:

When your shocks quit working properly, your vehicle will lurch forward and dip its nose during a stop. This can be extremely dangerous, as a faulty suspension can increase stopping time by 20%, making wrecks more likely.

Oil-Leaking Shocks:

Check out the area directly under your shocks; oily, greasy discharge is a good indication that they are leaking and thus not functioning properly.

It Fails The “Bounce Test”:

Should you suspect a faulty suspension system, there’s a simple test to determine its health; while the vehicle is parked, press all your weight firmly on the front of the vehicle and bounce it a couple times. Repeat on the back of the vehicle. If the car continues to bounce multiple times after you release it, your suspension has been damaged.

Don’t wait until your suspension fails to get work done; take your car in immediately after you notice any of these signs. Here at Newton’s Car Care, we offer suspension repairs alongside a host of other auto-related services. For more information, please give us a call.


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