Six Concerning Car Smells

Car Smells Infographic

If you ever smell something odd coming from your car, there may be cause for concern. Here are six odors you shouldn’t ignore.

If you smell burnt rubber, this could indicate a slipping drive belt or loose hoses rotating against rotating accessory drive pulleys.

The smell of hot oil usually means that there is leak and oil is dripping onto the exhaust system. To check for leaks, look for oil on the pavement or smoke coming from the engine.

Smell gasoline? It is likely a sign of a gas leak from either your fuel injector or your fuel tank. These issues should be tended to immediately since leaking gas could potentially be a fire hazard.

Smell something sweet? Like Syrup? Engine coolant may be leaking from a component of the car’s cooling system.

If you smell burning carpet, act fast! There may be a problem with your brakes!

Rotten eggs—arguably the worst smell. This smell could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter as it fails to convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide properly.

If you smell any other peculiar odors coming from your vehicle, don’t ignore it. There could be a problem with your vehicle. Bring in you car to Newton’s Car Care and we’ll have your vehicle inspected and fixed in no time!


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