The Ins and Outs of Your Engine

Car Engine Preview

For those of you who like to learn about useful things like how your car’s engine works; good news! We just came across a great animated graphic that has basically everything you need to know to comprehend how your engine gets you from point A to point B.

Don’t be intimidated about learning about cars. It’s a very useful set of knowledge that you can apply often. A little bit of automotive literacy can go a long way, and this is a good place to start. Even if you think you already know everything there is to know about cars, well, it’s still a pretty cool animation to look at.

Just by taking a couple minutes to go over the graphic (and you may find you self reading it even longer… pretty mesmerizing) you can learn what you need to know in order to better diagnose car problems and become a little more car literate, which is always a good thing!

Whether you’re in need of a repair, an oil change, or just need to ask a question, you can give us a call at our shop in High Point. Our technicians at Newton’s Car Care are always happy to help you with whatever you need.

You can see the rest of the infographic when you head over to his page and see it in action. If you need any auto repairs, give us a call, or bring your car in to our shop!


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