Two Pieces of Regular Tire Maintenance

Regular Tire Maintenance
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A car’s tires provide the only degree of separation between the vehicle and the road. Cars that benefit from regulartire maintenance not only ensure greater safety — they maximize the handling and stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, tires that become worn down, under-inflated, or damaged through road hazards become major safety hazards. When it comes to preserving the life of your tires – and your car — you’ll want to pay attention to two indispensable pieces of regular tire maintenance.

Air Pressure

When it comes to tires, air pressure is one of the most important and overlooked elements of health. Just as important as oil to the engine, correct air pressure ensures that tires work properly. Incorrect pressure, whether too much or too little, can create internal damage that becomes difficult to detect. Of course, the obvious symptom — an exploded tire — occurs too late to help.

Tires naturally lose 1-2 psi every month on the road. Continual neglect will thus gradually degrade the tire, which can lead to dangerous blow-outs. To avoid this scenario, check your tire pressure regularly, and refill the tires with air to the correct industry specifications.

Tire Rotations

Regular rotations also greatly extend the life of a tire. Most front-wheel drive vehicles will put a greater amount of wear on the front tires. Because of this, you’ll want to rotate the front and rear tires once every 5,000-7,000 miles, and therefore prevent accidents before they happen. Rear tires also benefit from this rotation, as they can develop irregular wear patterns.


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