Brake Fluid Flush

Is it time for a brake fluid flush? Come to Newton’s Car Care for a quick and affordable brake fluid flush in High Point, NC. Call us today to speak to one of our certified mechanics about our services.

Brake Fluid Flush
Get That Old Fluid Out of Your Vehicle’s System With a Much Needed Flush.

When Do I Need A Brake Fluid Flush?

First of all, what is a brake fluid flush? Over time, nasty bits of rubber, rust, and debris can end up in your brake fluid. When you get it flushed, all the fluid is drained and replaced with new brake fluid. This should not be confused with bleeding, which removes some brake fluid to get air bubbles out of the brake lines.

Some manufacturers include a brake fluid flush in their list of scheduled maintenance services. However, other do not suggest this service. So how do you know if and when you need a brake fluid flush? It’s best to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan to get the best performance out of your vehicle. If your maker doesn’t recommend a brake fluid flush, though, you should still check your brake fluid from time to time. It’s best to do this once year or whenever you have work done on your brakes.

New brake fluid is clear and should remain that way. If you check your brake fluid and it is rust-colored or smells burnt, you should consider flushing your brake fluid. This may indicate that moisture got into the system or it overheated. Poor brake fluid can reduce your stopping ability, endangering you and other drivers.

An Auto Shop With Integrity

At Newton’s Car Care, our goal is to provide excellent service and repairs to keep you safe. Your brakes are critical to your vehicle’s safety, so it’s important to keep them in good shape. Not sure if you need a to flush your brakes? Come by our shop and one of our mechanics will check your brake fluid today! If you’ve been noticing problems with your brakes, we can check your entire brake system and brake lines for problems.

Call us today if you need brake repair or a brake fluid flush in High Point, NC.

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