Brake Line Repair and Replacement

Failing brake lines can cause serious safety issues for your vehicle, so don’t put off repair! Call Newton’s Car Care for brake line repair and replacement in High Point, NC.

Brake Repair
Without Fully Functioning Brake Line, You’re Putting Yourself at Risk Everytime You Drive Your Vehicle.

Common Brake Line Problems

Your brake lines transport brake fluid from your vehicle’s master cylinder to the wheels, and problems can seriously hinder your stopping ability. Most brake lines are made of steel to withstand years of exposure to the elements. However, problems can develop over time, so watch for these warning signs of failing brake lines.

  • Leaking Brake Fluid
  • Corrosion on Brake Lines
  • Brake Warning Light Turns On

Brake fluid is typically clear and oily. If you suspect a leak, check your brake lines as well as the master cylinder and near the wheels. Sometimes when the brake warning light comes on, it means that your brake fluid has dropped below a certain level. If this is the case, you should tow your vehicle to your local mechanic as it may not be safe to drive.

Corrosion can happen over time, especially when your vehicle is exposed to rough road conditions. Salted, snowy roads can especially cause this type of damage. Next time you’re under your car, take a look at your brake lines to make sure no problems are developing. You should rarely have problems with them, but when you do, you’ll want an expert on the job.

Expert Brake Line Repair Near You!

Driving with a failing or damaged braking system can be extremely dangerous. You should always pay attention to how your brakes feel and if they seem to be developing a problem. If you notice a leak under your car, inspect it to see if it’s brake fluid or something else. Losing brake fluid can indicate a number of problems, so visit Newton’s Car Care when you need brake line repair. Our ASE-certified mechanics will have your brake lines functioning properly again quickly and always at an honest price.

Call for brake line repair and replacement in High Point, NC today!

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