Coolant Flush

A coolant flush is a necessary part of your car’s maintenance, keeping your engine at the proper operating temperature. If it’s time for a coolant flush in High Point, NC, call Newton’s Car Care today!

Coolant Flush
Renew the Coolant in Your System by Coming in Today for a Coolant Flush!

Reasons For A Coolant Flush

Your car’s coolant flows through the engine, radiator, and more to keep your engine operating at the proper temperature. If the coolant gets old or dirty, your engine can overheat and cause serious, costly problems. The coolant is a mix of equal parts antifreeze and water, and should always be translucent. The color may vary, but if the coolant is sludgy or brown, it’s probably time for a coolant flush.

The best thing to do is follow your vehicle manufacturer’s schedule for when to have your coolant flushed. While most vehicles need a coolant flush approximately every 30,000 miles, some can go much, much further before the coolant goes bad. However, if you notice any of these signs, you may need to inspect your coolant:

  • Engine temperature rising or overheating
  • A low coolant warning light
  • Leaking coolant
  • Steam from under your hood
  • Cold air coming from vents instead of hot air
  • Check engine light comes on

Going too long without changing your coolant can impact your engine’s performance and risk serious damage. Remember to check your coolant regularly for signs of discoloration.

Keep Your Engine In Top Shape

Avoid costly engine repairs by taking care of your coolant, radiator, water pump, and other components. Don’t forget your scheduled maintenance! This is the best way to take care of your vehicle and make it last. From oil changes to tune ups, we take care of you and your car every step of the way. With affordable prices and trusted service, you can always count on the crew at Newton’s Car Care. We are proud to employ ASE-certified auto technicians and have been in business for over 20 years.

When you need a coolant flush in High Point, NC, call Newton’s Car Care! We’ll keep your engine running smoothly with our fast and thorough auto repair services.

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