CV Joint Repair and Replacement

If you’re having trouble with a CV joint, visit Newton’s Car Care for CV joint repair and replacement in High Point, NC. Call us and one of our expert mechanics will have you back on the road in no time.

CV Joint
For CV Joint Repair and Replacement That You Can Trust, Come to Newton’s Car Care.

Signs You Need CV Joint Repair

CV joints are most commonly found on front wheel drive vehicles, though you will also see them on rear wheel drive vehicles. There are different designs of CV joints, most commonly the tripod and ball variations. Our ASE-certified auto techs at Newton’s Care Care can handle all types of CV joint repair and replacement!

CV joints rarely, if ever, need repair, but when they do, you’ll want a professional mechanic. There are inner and outer CV joints, connecting the transmission and drive shaft, and wheels to the drive shaft, respectively. These joints stay lubricated with grease and are typically covered by a plastic or rubber boot for protection. It is usually this boot that gets damaged, leading to corrosion and moisture entering the CV joint.

If this problem is caught early enough, you can usually just have the protective boot replaced. However, if the CV joint has sustained damage, it may require new grease or replacement. The best way to see if you have a problem with your CV joints is to visually inspect them from time to time. Most will last the lifetime of your vehicle, but everyday wear can cause damage over time.

Keep Your Car Driving Strong

Driving with a damaged CV joint can compromise your vehicle’s suspension and handling. Stay safe by always keeping your car in top form. If you suspect a problem with your CV joints, let one of our expert mechanics take a look. We will thoroughly inspect your suspension for signs of damage to the protective boot, leaking grease, and other problems. Whether you need an easy repair or full replacement, our auto shop can handle it all.

For expert CV joint repair and replacement in High Point, NC, visit Newton’s Car Care! Call us today!

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