Drivetrain Repair Services

When you have a problem with your drivetrain, visit Newton’s Car Care for fast, thorough repairs. Our certified mechanics can repair or replace any parts causing problems. Call us for drivetrain repair in High Point, NC.

We Make Sure That Every Part of Your Drivetrain is Functioning As It Should, Guaranteeing You a Smooth Ride.

Common Drivetrain Problems

Your drivetrain consists of many components, which varies depending on what kind of vehicle you have. Most consist of your transmission or transaxle, differential, drive shaft, and CV joints. You drivetrain includes the clutch and gearbox if you drive a manual transmission vehicle. Your drivetrain connects your engine to the wheels of your vehicle, essentially directing power from the source to the receiver.

A number of signs can indicate a problem with one of the components of your drivetrain. You’ll recognize a problem with your differential if you hear strange noises, especially when turning a corner. You may notice trouble changing gears or a burning smell if you have a transmission problem. Your check engine light might even activate.

The best thing to do when you notice or suspect a problem with your drivetrain is to look for obvious damage. Check your transmission fluid; fresh automatic transmission fluid should be bright red and translucent. If it is dark and burnt-smelling, you definitely need to replace it and may need repairs. Bring your vehicle to Newton’s Car Care and let one of our expert technicians take a look.

We’ll Have Your Car Fixed Fast!

Drivetrain problems are usually serious and call for urgent repairs. Though most vehicles can go a long time before they need major drivetrain repair, you should always pay attention to how your car feels and sounds. If problems are caught early instead of ignored, repairs can be far less costly. Regular maintenance is also key in getting the most out of your drivetrain. Remember to check your transmission and differential fluid periodically and visit your local mechanic at the first sign of a problem.

For honest and excellent service, come to Newton’s Car Care when you need drivetrain repair in High Point, NC. Call us today.

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