EGR Valve Repair and Replacement

Your vehicle’s EGR valve can get clogged and may need replacing over time. If you’re getting a check engine light or having trouble with your exhaust, you may have a bad EGR valve. Give Newton’s Car Care a call today for EGR valve repair in High Point, NC.

EGR Valve Repair
When Your EGR Valve Needs Fixing, Count On Expert Mechanics to Take Care of It for You.

Signs of a Failing EGR Valve

Your vehicle’s EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve is a simple mechanism which allows exhaust gases to enter the intake manifold. On modern vehicles, this is typically controlled electronically. As you speed up or your engine heats up, the valve opens. It then closes when you slow to a stop or turn off your car.

The exhaust gases produced from your engine mix with air and fuel in the intake manifold and the harmful gases react to produce less harmful emissions. If your EGR valve fails, it will either stay open or closed at all times. This can trigger serious problems in your engine and emissions system. You will likely see an increase in fuel consumption, your engine light may turn on, and you will definitely fail your emissions test.

If left unchecked, you may eventually experience serious engine damage, stall, or get multiple ignitions. If you notice any of these problems or a strong fuel odor, visit your local mechanic shop as soon as possible. Your EGR valve may need to be cleaned, or it may call for a complete replacement.

Fast, Friendly Service

Visit Newton’s Car Care for quality auto repair service today in High Point, NC. Our family owned and operated business has been serving the local community for over 20 years! As a full-service auto shop, our ASE-certified auto technicians can repair just about any problem with your vehicle. From EGR valves to oil changes and everything in between, make Newton’s Car Care your first choice for auto repair!

Having trouble with your vehicle’s emissions system? If you need EGR valve cleaning or replacement in High Point, NC, call us today!

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