Headlight and Tail Light Repair

If one or more of your headlights or tail lights have gone out recently, come by our auto shop and let us help! At Newton’s Car Care, we offer full-service auto repairs at honest and affordable prices. Call us today for headlight and tail light repair in High Point, NC.

With Our Reliable Headlight and Tail Light Repair Services, You’ll Never Have to Worry About Not Seeing the Road Ahead of You.

Bulb Replacement And Electrical Repair

Don’t risk getting pulled over for a busted tail light! If you don’t have a spare bulb in your vehicle, come by our shop. One of our expert mechanics can quickly replace the bulb in your headlight or tail light. If you need a new light installed because yours is broken, we can do that too! We’ll make sure everything is installed correctly and adjusted to the proper direction and height.

If you’ve gone to install a new bulb but still experienced problems with your headlights or tail lights, you might have a more serious problem. Dim headlights can indicate a failing alternatoror other electrical problems. It could be as simple as a bad wire, or you may need to have your battery replaced or recharged.

Bring your car to Newton’s Car Care and let one of our ASE-certified mechanics take a look at your car. We’ll carefully check the electrical system to locate any issues and work quickly to repair your car. Driving without proper lights is a safety hazard and you can easily get a traffic violation ticket. Give us a call and we’ll get your car fixed up in no time!

Quick And Friendly Auto Repair Near You

When you need a quick repair like headlight bulb replacement, choose Newton’s Car Care! We work quickly and thoroughly to make sure your vehicle is performing properly and keeps you safe. Whether you need a simple bulb replacement or an inspection for a bigger issue, we’re your top choice.

Call Newton’s Car Care today if you need a headlight and tail light repair in High Point, NC.

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