Ignition Coil Repair and Replacement

A bad ignition coil can leave you with all sorts of problems, including a no start situation. Don’t get stranded! Call Newton’s Car Care for ignition coil repair and replacement in High Point, NC.

Ignition Coil Repair
If You’re Having Trouble Getting Your Car to Start, You May Be Dealing With a Faulty Ignition Coil.

Indicators of a Bad Ignition Coil

Part of your ignition system, the ignition coil uses induction to make your car battery’s 12 volts turn into several thousand. This process ignites the fuel mixture, starting your car. If this process is compromised by a faulty or damaged ignition coil, then you may have trouble starting your car or see performance issues. Luckily, there are several instances that can alert you to a problem with your ignition coil, including:

Many of these symptoms also show up for other car problems, such as exhaust system damage. If you’re not sure exactly what is causing your engine and performance troubles, swing by our auto shop and we’ll take a look! Our expert mechanics can run a full diagnostics test and thoroughly inspect your car for signs of a failed ignition coil. If it needs replacing, we can install a new one in no time and get you back on the road. We’ll also check your spark plugs and other electrical components to make sure the problem is solved completely. Our certified auto technicians can carefully repair or replace any parts that have been damaged.

Expert Auto Repair Near You

Driving around with a damaged ignition coil can cause all sorts of unpleasant problems, and can leave you stranded far from home. Come by Newton’s Car Care today for fast, professional auto repairs in High Point, NC! Since 1982, our family owned and operated business has been helping locals and those passing through with their cars. Give us a call and become our next customer! We look forward to serving you!

For ignition coil repair and replacement in High Point, NC, call Newton’s Car Care.

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