Radiator Repair and Replacement

Your car’s radiator is an essential component of your cooling system, and a problem can quickly lead to your car overheating. Call Newton’s Car Care today if you need radiator repair in High Point, NC! Reach us.

Radiator Repair
Avoid an Overheated Engine By Having an Efficient Radiator Repair Today!

Most Common Radiator Problems

Your car’s cooling system involves many different parts, with the radiator one of the most easily recognized components. Coolant is pumped through the radiator by the water pump, which is controlled by the thermostat. After the coolant absorbs heat from the engine, it gets passed through the radiator where it cools down and goes back through the process.

There is also the radiator fan, which helps cool your car when at low or idle speeds, and radiator hoses, which are susceptible to failure as they age. Many problems with your cooling system do not necessarily originate from the radiator itself, so diagnosing a problem can be difficult. A few common problems include:

  • Leaky radiator
  • Low coolant
  • Sludge in the radiator
  • Radiator fan failure
  • Radiator hose leaking or failure

If you notice red, yellow, or green coolant leaking onto the ground or that your car is overheating, you should inspect the radiator. Over time, certain parts prone to wear can crack or leak. If you have a coolant leak, your engine will overheat which can lead to very serious problems. Get your cooling system fixed as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage. Fixing a leak in a radiator can be difficult, and replacement is typically the best option.

Keep Cool with Newton’s Car Care

If you suspect a problem with your radiator, visit our auto shop for fast, professional repairs. Our ASE-certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect your cooling system for signs of a leak or worn parts. Since 1982, our mechanics have helped countless customers get back on the road quickly and with as little stress as possible. Our goal is your safety and happiness!

If you need radiator repair or replacement in High Point, NC, call us or come by our auto shop today!

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