Serpentine Belt Repair and Replacement

A problem with your serpentine belt, sometimes called the drive belt, can cause a variety of problems for your car. Come to Newton’s Car Care today for serpentine belt repair and replacement in High Point, NC or call us.

Serpentine Belt
Simply Steering Your Vehicle Can Prove to Be Quite a Task With a Worn Out Serpentine Belt.

Signs of a Damaged Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt or drive belt provides power for several systems in your vehicle, including the air conditioner, alternator, and power steering. If your serpentine belt is broken, your vehicle may not run at all. It can break while you’re driving, too, which can cause serious safety concerns. If you’re driving and your power steering goes out, pull over immediately and call a tow truck.

Due to the heat and friction, it experiences, your drive belt will wear out over time, usually lasting 50,000 miles or more. Regular inspection is important to prevent dangerous problems down the road. If your serpentine belt is nearing the end of its lifespan, watch out for these signs of failure:

  • Air conditioner stops working
  • Physical damage to the belt
  • Power steering goes out
  • Squealing noise from the front of your vehicle

Just because you notice these problems does not necessarily mean your drive belt has failed. It may simply be misaligned or not under the right tension. If you notice a problem, visually inspect the belt for cracks, uneven wear, and other damage. The belt will need to be replaced if it is badly damaged. Bring your vehicle to your local auto shop for a professional assessment and serpentine belt replacement.

Visit Newton’s Car Care Today!

Driving around with a damaged serpentine belt is an accident waiting to happen. Come by Newton’s Car Care today and one of our expert mechanics will inspect your drive belt for signs of damage. If it needs to be replaced, you can count on us for quick, professional service and honest prices. Let us get you fixed up today and back on the road!

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