Window Regulator Repair and Replacement

Almost every car today has power windows, and sometimes the motor or window regulator breaks. If you need window regulator repair in High Point, NC, call Newton’s Car Care.

Window Regulator
Don’t Drive Around With Duct Tape Hold Up Your Window. Bring Your Vehicle In to See Our Pros.

Signs You Need Window Regulator Repair

Your power windows operate using a regulator and a motor that engage when you press the up/down button. These parts are most likely to break due to their frequent use. How do you know when a part is broken if you can’t see it? Thankfully, there are a few signs to look out for that may indicate window regulator failure.

  • Clicking noise from the door when you roll the window up/down
  • It takes multiple presses to get the window to move
  • Unusually slow or fast window movement
  • Window falls down or rests crooked
  • Window will not roll down

If all the windows in your car suddenly stop working, the problem is likely due to a blown fuse. However, if just one particular window is having trouble, the culprit is probably the motor or regulator. If you hear the clicking noise, the motor is working but the window regulator is damaged. It’s best to get both parts replaced when one is worked on to prevent future damage.

It can be difficult to tell if the problem is mechanical or electrical. Your best option is to bring your car by our auto shop where we can quickly and expertly assess the situation. One of our skilled mechanics can safely and carefully remove the interior door panel to inspect the window regulator assembly. Come by our shop today and we’ll get started!

Local, Professional Auto Repair

Whether your window jams from time to time or is not working at all, come to Newton’s Car Care! In business for more than 20 years, we always look forward to providing quality auto repair to the local community. We’ll make sure to get your window working properly again. We always offer honest prices and quick, professional service!

For window regulator repair in High Point, NC, call Newton’s Car Care.

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