Monthly Archives: December 2016

3 Things Tire Damage Says About Your Car

Checking your tires regularly should be part of your routine. Not only should you check for general wear and pressure, but tire damagecan also indicate other problems with your car. Next time you check your tires, watch for these signs. Cupping Indicates Worn Suspension Feathering Can Be A Sign Of Poor Alignment Sometimes difficult to identify, feathering looks like a ramp of gradual wear running sideways across your tire tread blocks. This usually happens when your alignment or toe setting is off. Have you also noticed the steering wheel pulling to one side? Bring your car in today! Time For A Rotation If You See Heel-Toe Wear Similar to feathering except from front to back, heel-toe wear is fairly common. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a problem! Most often, this indicates that you are not rotating your tires often enough. If you’re following your scheduled rotations, you might have a suspension problem. Don’t forget to check your tires every month ... read more


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