Monthly Archives: July 2016

Don’t Pokemon GO on the Go

Pokemon GO is sweeping the nation. Nay, the whole globe. People everywhere are burying their heads in their cellphone — even more so than usual — and while it’s nice to see more people getting outdoors as they experiment with this “augmented reality,” it’s also causing some inevitable problems. Just as texting while driving is a huge hazard and has led to countless motor-vehicle accidents, so too is playing Pokemon GO while behind the wheel. The game itself is better played on foot, many would argue, and yet we’ve seen incidents across the world that seem to indicate that some players have taken the on-the-go experience far too literally. In Baltimore, MD, a busy gamer slammed into the back of a parked police car. To matters worse, the guy kept driving until the Police Officer chased him down to make sure he was OK. Needless to say, that guy didn’t catch them all, but he caught a whole lot of something else. Several drivers in ... read more


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