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How To Avoid Common Summer Car Problems

How To Avoid Common Summer Car Problems

3 Common Summer Car Problems #1 Dead Car Battery We all know that winter time is especially hard on batteries. Did you know that summer can be just as hard on your car battery? Due to the increase in humidity, higher temperatures, and increased travel, you could find yourself replacing car batteries more frequently. To avoid this, make sure to keep your eye on your car battery. Have a spare just in case. If you find your battery is going, get a jump and have your car taken to your local auto mechanic for battery service. #2 Flat Tires Many people find the summer season the best time to travel and vacation which means more traffic on the roads and more litter. High temperatures can heat up the road surface. The combination of these can affect your tires adversely, causing damage and even blowouts when you least expect. Before you hit the road, assess your spare tire and make sure it is full. These spares can ... read more


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