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Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Importance of Tire Alignment

All vehicles need occasional maintenance to keep running. No matter how luxurious or advanced your car may be, you will undoubtedly take your car in for oil changes and brake service. Another important component of regular maintenance is tire alignment. To help you make the most out of your tires, we walk through the mechanical and safety benefits of tire alignment here. As you travel, you will inevitably encounter potholes or rub against a curb or two during a turn. This can throw off your suspension can cause the affected tires to roll at an angle, rather than straight forward. These tires will wear out faster, as they are slightly dragged in the direction the rest of the car is going. Aligning your tires so all are facing the same angle allows the tires to wear at the same rate. If you realize your car pulls to one side as you try to drive straight, this is a telltale sign that you need your tires realigned. Periodic ti ... read more


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