Monthly Archives: July 2015

Lowering Air Pollution Via Auto Emissions

While keeping our communities’ air clean largely rests at the government and corporate levels, we as citizens can do our part to ensure that we don’t pollute, especially when we drive. Making sure your car meets emission standards helps reduce the pollution of the air that we all breathe. Here, we’ll talk about lowering air pollution via auto emissions. About Auto Emissions: Of all the pollutants in the air that cause smog, 1/3 of them come from automotive combustion engines. In fact, transportation causes about 27% of all of the greenhouse gas emissions in America. All of this information comes from the EPA. Do your part for the environment; if you notice something wrong with your exhaust or catalytic converter, please don’t wait to take it to a mechanic. It won’t just benefit the environment; it can help preserve your car’s health as well! The trusted mechanics at Newton’s Car Care have tons of experience fixing ... read more


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