Monthly Archives: October 2015

Your Transmission’s Function

Most drivers don’t know too much about there cars. Nothing wrong with that, we pay professionals for that knowledge. But, some basic understanding of the parts in your vehicle can help you make better decisions as a car owner. Here, we’ll go over your transmission’s basic function, as well as the importance of proper maintenance. It’s Function: An internal combustion engine doesn’t work without a transmission, which regulates the amount of power sent out from the engine. Today, you’ll usually find cars with automatic transmissions on the road. They change gears on their own based on how fast the vehicle travels. One simple fact makes it extremely important for you to maintain your transmission’s health: expensive repairs. If you don’t want to break the bank, take your car in to the repair shop at the first sign of a problem, such as gear slipping. Need professional work done on your vehicle? We have expert mechanic ... read more


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