How Does My Car’s Suspension Work?

Unless you just started driving, you probably know what your suspension does; it keeps your car from bouncing around and jostling you. Also, you may not know, it gives your car better control during turns and stops. You probably appreciate this, so you might express interest in knowing how your suspension works. To help you, we’ve put together a quick overview here.

How it works:

Your suspension system gets built from a variety of parts: chassis, leaf springs, coil springs, dampeners and torsion bars. The leaf and coil springs absorb the up and down motion that results from your car hitting bumps on the road. The dampeners (shocks and struts) take this energy and dissipate it through hydraulic fluid (via thermal energy). The torsion bars keep the vehicle from moving side to side, especially important in top-heavy vehicles.

That sums up the general basics of your suspension. If you require suspension repair in High Point, Newton’s Car Care can help you out. To find out more about this or any of our other myriad of services, please give us a call.


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