How Does A Radiator Work?

Did you know that if you learn information about your car in tiny increments, over time you will have a great overall understanding of how it works? This can come in handy in a variety of ways, from spotting damage early on to assessing necessary repairs. If this sounds appealing to you, we can help. Here, we’ve put together some info about how your radiator works.

What it does:

Your radiator’s job involves cooling the internal combustion engine. Because of all the parts working and grinding together, your engine gets so hot that it would damage itself if not cooled.

How it works:

The radiator gets connected to channels that go through the engine. It usually uses a combination of water and antifreeze. This liquid absorbs heat from the engine, then moves to an area where the heat can dissipate into air, usually in front of the car’s grill (if the engine sits in the front of the car).

Hopefully now you understand another one of your car’s parts just a little better. Do you require auto repair services, including radiator repair? Newton’s Car Care can help! To find out more, drop by our shop or give one of our friendly mechanics a call.


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