Signs You May Need Suspension Repair

Has your car been pulling to one side? Have you noticed unusual or uneven wear on your tires lately? Do you hear strange noises when you go over a bump or make a turn? You may have a problem with your suspension! Here are a few signs that you might need suspension repair:

Uneven Wear On Tires

Suspension Repair

You should check your tires regularly for signs of damage and air pressure, and especially for uneven wear. This can indicate a number of problems with your vehicle, and a certified mechanic can quickly assess the culprit based on your tire damage. For example, if your tires are wearing down on one side but not the other, you may need a wheel alignment. This could also indicate worn ball joints, damaged springs, or deteriorating suspension bushings.

Bouncing, Rough Ride

Wondering if there’s more potholes than usual on your street? Your rough ride might be due to worn out shocks or struts. Parked on a flat surface, take a look at your car to see if one corner or side seems lower than the other. You can also perform the “bounce test” by pushing down on one corner of your vehicle to make it bounce. If it bounces more than three of four time after you stop, you likely need suspension repair.

Nose Dives When Stopping

When you come to a stop, does your vehicle seem to dive down in the front? You could be braking too aggressively, or you may have a problem with various suspension components. If your car seems wot lurch when you brake, you may have worn out your shocks. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be dangerous! Worn shocks can significantly increase your stop time, so see a mechanic right away if you have this problem.

If you notice any of these problems, come to Newton’s Car Care for suspension repair in High Point, NC. Call us today!


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