Sleep Deprived Driving: Menace Of The Road

Staying safe on the road requires a lot of focus; it only takes an instant for a wreck to occur. Many things can increase the likelihood of a car wreck, most commonly we think of drunk driving. However, another comparably dangerous activity exists: sleep deprived driving. We’ve put together some information about this menace of the road here.

Don’t Drive Sleep Deprived:

Here at Newton’s Car Care, we care about our community’s safety. When driving, that means staying focused and clear headed on the road the entire time. When you get tired, you can’t do that. We encourage you to find an alternate solution to driving sleep deprived.

National Sleep Foundation:

  • The NSF has found that, based on participants studied, 1/3 of them self reported having completely fallen asleep behind the wheel on the road at least once.
  • They also found that the people most susceptible to sleep deprived driving included young women and men, new parents and late night shift workers.

Remember to stay safe out there on the road. If you worry about your car, take it in to our shop; we’ll make sure it stays road-worthy. To find out more about our services, please give us a call.


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