Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Do you dread each trip to the gas station? With these simple tips that every driver can put to use, you can take full advantage of your car’s recommended gas mileage to put more time between your trips to the pump. Here we have detailed a few quick maintenance and driving tips to help you drive smarter.

Driver Etiquette and Car Maintenance

Driving calmly is a plus for your gas mileage as well as your safety. Avoiding the urge to pass the cars in front of you will help you reduce unnecessary acceleration and braking, which will help maintain your gas mileage at a desirable level. Additionally, driving calmly is a safety bonus – fatal car accidents are on this rise this year in North Carolina and the rest of the nation, so traffic safety is more important now than ever.

Inflating your tires to the recommended pressure is also critical for gas mileage and safety. Properly inflated tires reduce the wear and tear your tires endure, and helps your car work less to go the same speed. Checking your tire pressure once every month is a good rule of thumb.

Follow the posted speed limit, as it is in place to help you drive safely to the conditions of the road. Many cars reach maximum fuel efficiency between 45 and 60 mph, so driving the posted speed limit (or slightly below if it’s safe) on highways or interstates will help your car max out its mileage. Again, following this driving rule is crucial for your safety.

The way you drive and maintain your car are important for gas mileage and safety, but nothing can replace the benefits of regular tune ups and inspections! For expert car service, repairs, and more, call us today.


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