Tips to Keep Your Car Clean for the Respectably Lazy

Everybody is lazy sometimes; there’s no shame in it. Most people don’t want to spend a ton of time keeping their car clean. For those of you who like to work smarter, not harder, here’s a few tips to maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle:

Don’t eat in your car:

This may seem like a big sacrifice, but just think of all the time you’ll be saving throwing away accumulated trash. It’s also a great excuse to sit back and enjoy your meal in a more comfortable setting.

Wax occasionally:

It’s a little bit of work, but a good waxing goes a long way towards keeping your car looking shiny and new. You won’t need to wash quite as often later on.

Knock off shoes before entering the vehicle:

Making a habit of this will keep dirt from accumulating on the floor of your car. It may take a little getting used to, but a few quick raps against the ground goes a long way towards keeping your car clean.

Keep a trash bag in your car:

This will ensure you clean up messes quick. Letting them be is a slippery slope towards letting them accumulate. That just means much more work later on. Stay on top of messes.

Keep your car in a garage:

Much of the dirt that builds up on your car’s exterior can be avoided by just keeping it in a garage when you’re not using it. This will also protect it from dents from any sub par drivers lacking the moral fortitude to leave a note.

Create a washing routine:

If going to a car wash is preferable, great! That will save lots of time. Just make it a habit;schedule a time to get it done.If you wanna save a few extra bucks, do it yourself. Get a quick routine going and you can cut down on the time it takes.

Here at Newton’s Car Care, we want to remind you to drive safe. For information about our auto-services, give us a call.


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